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Merit badge counselor is displayed with the Council, but I can’t add the Merit Badge to my positions on Scoutbook

I recently added Citizenship in the Community to my positions. That merit badge appears in Scoutbook and in my positions. I have been a Citizenship in the Nation and Personal Fitness counselor for a few years in Denver Area Council and almost two decades in the Greater St Louis Area Council. Those badges do not appear in my positions. I have attempted to add these badges and I get the oops, there is an issue ect ect. Any solutions to add these badges? I am working with a group of Scouts on Zoom to keep advancements going but the Scoutmaster can’t sign the “blue cards” because I don’t exist as a counselor in Scoutbook.

Can you post a screenshot of your positions viewed from Scoutbook? It’s possible that your council has uploaded their MBC file, and there was a glitch that eliminated the badges. There are some telltales in the positions that can indicate whether or not the council has uploaded their list to Scoutbook. Once the council uploads the list, individuals can no longer add or alter their MBC positions. The council has to correct any errors from their side.

Also, is it possible to get a screenshot of the exact error message? That might help with diagnosing the issue.

@AlfredSaunders - are you still available ? If you could get a screen grab of your positions in scoutbook, especially the MBC section that would be helpful as there are notable differences between council uploaded MBC and self assigned.

I am also receiving the same error message when trying to update my MB list. Thank you.

@ElaineMason - same request - post a screenshot of the position list.

I do have to ask, are you adding positions for each unit individually or one position with multiple units.

Had this position change worked in the past ?

Are you saying that you are a registered MBC in two councils? Registered for all the same MBs?

I am not sure what you are asking. I have multiple positions, but am trying to update my MBC position which I understand from my register have been added in scoutnet.

@ElaineMason - could you post a screenshot of the position list for your account. Is this the first time then you are trying to add MBC to the list?

I have been a MBC for a number of years.

Hopefully this screen print works.

@ElaineMason- so when you click on the existing MBC role to edit you get a whoops when trying to save or update the change.

@ElaineMason I was able to reproduce the Whoops error. Thank you for reporting it.

I am unable to get the screenshot to upload to this textbox.
error message:

Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.

Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!

Since we are offering more troop merit badges during this remote scouting time, I am trying to update many of our troop adults to accurately reflect their Merit Badge Counselor position and the merit badges that they are registered to teach. I get that same Whoops notification no matter what MBC change I attempt. I worked at it last weekend too, and got the same thing, so not a super new problem.

@JenniferOlinger does this mean you will look to have this issue fixed? What would be the timing to have it resolved.

Yes, she reported it to the developers. We aren’t sure how soon to expect it.

Thank you. One of the questions being asked by my registrar, is someone able to add a MB to their position in ScoutBook which they have not been approved for in ScoutNet?

@ElaineMason - if the council does not upload to scoutbook, there is no check on that. It is a self governed action with zero control.

This is how it looks when a council uploads the list.


This is the point of having Councils upload their own MBC lists to Scoutbook. Once this is done, the list of MBs counseled is under control of the Council, not the units or MBCs.

If your Council has recorded the MBs an MBC counsels in ScoutNET, the process to upload the MBC list is easy. The registrar downloads 2 reports from ScoutNET, pastes them into a provided Excel spreadsheet, runs a macro to convert the data then uploads the results to Scoutbook. It takes about an hour total (including long run times) to process my Council’s list of 2500 MBCs.


@edavignon, would you mind sharing more details on that process? I’m trying to help our council (GSLAC) get this implemented and I’d love to have more documentation to point to.

Incidentally, I’m in the same boat wrt updating my own position entry. I can’t even end it without getting the Whoops! error. Our council seems to have only about 200 folks listed out of the thousands of registered counselors, and anecdotally those that are listed showed up without their knowledge.

As a follow up question, is there an option for the council to delegate maintenance of the lists to the districts or to the individual counselor with just a council approval step?


The help docs will be put on help.scoutbook.com since the MBC upload link where they are available will remain disabled for a short time.

The MBCs must be uploaded by a council admin and the entire list must be uploaded any time there is a change. This process is often managed by a Council Registrar since the easiest way to produce the list is from ScoutNET.

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