Merit Badge Counselor is not reregistering

If a Merit Badge Counselor has been assigned to Scouts and he has opted not to reregister as a Merit Badge Counselor will he automatically drop off the Scouts merit badge in Scoutbook?

My experience has been that, when the MBC is dropped by the council (either in ScoutNet or in their upload file, depending on the method used for maintaining the lists in Scoutbook), then the MBC loses the connections. There was a somewhat related discussion here:

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if I needed to remove them or if it would automatically happen. Do you notify the Scouts?

@CM32 - might not be a bad idea to have that conversation so that the scout does not attempt to reach out.

In my role as an ASM, I generally don’t know about that happening until after the fact (when the scout finds out). It is useful, however, to get feedback from the scouts when a counselor “disappears”, since there are occasionally errors in the MBC management process that need to be addressed (e.g. several of us were accidentally dropped recently, despite being registered, current on YPT, and fully position-trained).

However, I would recommend that MBCs (in general) communicate with scouts they are counseling if they are planning to stop serving as an MBC. If for no other reason, at least so that the scout knows to talk to their SM/ASM about identifying a new counselor. Ideally with enough lead time that the scout can make sure that any completed but not yet reviewed work can be reviewed and signed-off by their current counselor. Who knows, it might even light a fire under a few scouts to get their ducks in a row. In addition, if you’re planning to leave, make sure you warn the relevant folks at your district/council so that they know that you’re not renewing, and can track that.

Can they communicate if he has been dropped? I am the advancement chair and have verified that he will be dropped on 6/30/2021

After they are dropped, not via Scoutbook, anyway (unless they have some other connection such as being a unit leader).

Just to clarify, the only connection that will be dropped is the MBC connection. If the MBC is connected as an adult leader, parent/guardian or other family member, that connection will remain.

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