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Merit Badge Counselor Lists

Where can I find a list of merit badge counselors for our boys to work with?

The MBC list is on the troop page under edit troop. I will state that only certain leaders will have access just as it would if the list is provided by council or district. I would also add that it may not be a comprehensive list if your council never uploaded or maintained the list in scoutbook.

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If your council does not have the MB Counselor list uploaded to Scoutbook, you will need to call your council office and ask to speak to the council registrar to request a list. Your council may have a policy of only providing this list to certain unit leaders. Some councils also push this to the district level, so the registrar may refer you to someone else. Your mileage WILL vary :slight_smile:

In our council the MB list is updated regularly, and is sent out via email to all MB counselors and to the Key 3 in each troop.

I am trying to figure out which leaders have access to the MBC list. Is it every leader? Or just ASM, SM, CC?? Thanks.

Every leader in the unit has access to the MB Counselor Search function.