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Merit Badge Counselor Not Showing Up When Searched

Our council added a MB Counselor into the Scoutbook system, however she does not show up when I search a MB. So I attempted to connect her to my son for Indian Lore as a test and I get the following message “Permissions: You must select a user that has MB Counselor Role…”

Here is a copy of the Greater Alabama screen shot showing me that she was added.

What is the MBCs BSA #?

or directly post the image in a reply - not a link

[Picture removed by Moderator to protect privacy.]

BSA member number: 137218291

Here is a copy of the screen shot the council sent me

[Picture removed by Moderator to protect privacy.]

Probably should obscure the birthday.

She had 2 SB Users - she needs to use my.scouting.org credentials to log in

@DonnaMillsaps She had 2 Scoutbook accounts. @DonovanMcNeil merged them.

She also had an old address, but everything should be good now.

Interesting. I will ask her to log in using her my.scouting.org. However, I’m curious how this would affect how others using MB Counselor search for a MB for instance “Indian Lore” not be able to see her name pop up on the list of Indian Lore MB Counselors?

Problem Solved!

Thanks so much!

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