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Merit Badge Counselor Question

My Merit Badge counselors do not seem to have access to the scouts I assign them to. How should their dashboard look and am I doing something wrong? I tried assigning myself as a counselor but I do not see it on my dashboard.

The Best thing to do is download the Firefox or Chrome Feature Assistant for Scoutbook.

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It adds a great MBC interface

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So my MBC only have access to the scouts if they have a computer with firefox or chrome that they are able to download a file to? I know I don’t have the ability to download anything to the majority of the computers that I use.

no they have access to the scouts - the extension just makes it WAY easier to find the scouts

So how do my MBC get access if they don’t have this? I would like to first make sure they have access. I don’t want to confuse the issue with a download until I know that they even can access the scout.

That helps thank you. If they haven’t hit agree in their profile would that be why the scouts are not showing up?

most likely - I think they have to take an action in the email

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