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Merit Badge Counselor report

I love that we can now see in Scoutbook who is a Merit Badge Counselor in our District but would love to see in the future an easier way for Scouts and families to find a Counselor within their specific Troop. What do other Troops do for an easy listing?

Is there anyway Scoutbook can help run a report of who in our specific Troop is a Merit Badge Counselor?

The Guide to Advancement specifically says the Merit Badge Counselor list is not to be shared with Scouts or families. Scouts are supposed to have a discussion with the Scoutmaster or designee to get the name of one or more MBCs.

MBC is not a troop position. It is a district or council position, thus once the council uploads its MBC list, they are no longer listed on unit rosters. The ability to place them on unit rosters prior to council upload is from before the BSA purchase of Scoutbook.

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Per the Guide to Advancement, Scouts and families are not supposed to have access to a list of Merit Badge Counselors. Sections and are both explicit about this. The mechanism for a Scout to find a Counselor is designed to be “Go talk to the Scoutmaster about this Merit Badge, and get a recommendation for a Counselor”.

MBCs aren’t registered to a particular unit, so there’s no report in ScoutBook for leaders to filter by unit. You would need to make a list yourself if you want one with MBCs that specifically work with your unit, but again, not appropriate to share with Scouts or families.

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