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Merit Badge Counselor Training - Aims & Methods of Scouting BSA Quiz, Q2 - Issue

I am completing the merit badge counselor trainings and taking the “aims and methods of scouting BSA” quiz. The second question (2 or 2) does not have the correct answers listed. No matter what you click it marks you wrong and as having clicked religious study. I clicked Ideal and Patrol Method so I don’t know why I got it wrong. I took the test several times trying to see which one the computer thinks is the right answer and was able to determine that NONE are listed as correct so how can you pass. The set up needs to be adjusted.

This gets brought up often so clearly could be reworded. People interpret it as conveying that they clicked religious study. The correct interpretation is that the selection for the answers should not contain religious study. It is a multiple selection, so there are 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 16 combinations of picking and not picking the options. Making no selection is out. So you can pick answers 15 ways. Only 1 of those ways is right. Religious study is not a way, so that makes it 2 * 2 * 2 * 1 = 8. Subtracting the non-answer option and the correct option means there are 6 ways to answer this that will yield this message even if the ‘religious study’ options isn’t picked. What you have (Ideals and Patrol Method) is one of those 6 ways that results in this message without religious study being picked.


I love your analysis. :slight_smile:


Agreed, it could be reworded. I found it confusing as I didn’t click that option. I understand there are 3 correct answers. Maybe “answer is not complete” might be a better message.

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