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Merit Badge Counselor Training - Incorrect Quiz Answer

Trying to complete the ‘Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA’ module in the Merit Badge Counselor training. When presented with the question 2 of 2 All 4 potential responses return the same response “Incorrect -Religious Study is not one of the eight methods. Click anywhere or press ‘Y’ to continue”

Patrol Method is the correct answer and returns the listed error message.

Please help I cannot complete the training without the quiz.

Attaching screenshot for reference

While I agree the printed text leads you to believe you selected Religious Studies, your selected answer is not correct. There is more than one method of Scouting listed in the answers. You must select all that apply. The text at the bottom is the clue to the correct answer.


There’s more than one correct answer for this question.

right on. just figured it out. thanks.

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