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Merit Badge Counselor Unit List Issue

I am a MBC for multiple troops. When I enter the unit type and name in the “Unit List(s)” field the ending G for the girl unit is changed to B when saved.


Which council and unit are you seeing this issue with?

Golden Empire Council, Discovery District


We need the unit number you are having trouble with.

The unit I have been having issues with is Troop 219 G

I have duplicated your issue. I will report it to the developers.

In tidewater council where there is a boy and girl troop using the same number such as 24 B and 24 G. the council really has them as 0024 and 5024. 0024 is the old number at council for the original boy troop and 5024 is the number of the girl troop. the girls have 24 on their shirt but back at council they are 5024. this may be why when you use 219 G the computer is see the original boy troop not the girl

There was an issue that was fixed earlier today that was causing the G to change to a B in some cases. It has nothing to do with how the troops are numbered.

I am aware that was done for some units. I registered the unit when I was the COR.

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