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Merit badge counselors not showing in ScoutBook

The Scout Master and the Assistant Scout Master do not show up in ScoutBook as MB counselors. They have been teaching merit badges for many years. When I contacted our council (Green Mountain), they said to contact the ScoutBook people. Our council says that they are listed in ScoutNet and have been listed there for many years. Who can help us with this? Or should I just ignore what ScoutBook lists for us?

How are you searching for the two leaders? Are you using the Merit Badge Counselor list available near the bottom of My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop #### ?

You can’t search by name, but you can search by badge and Zip Code.

Yes, that is exactly what I do. I click on MB Counselor List link in Scoutbook. I see other members listed, like myself (another assistant scout master)

Another possibility I can think of is that they aren’t listed with the correct badges. A third is that their MBC registration is under a different BSA ID from their primary, which happens a lot. If that happens, sometimes the YPT records don’t get properly associated, and they won’t appear if they don’t have current YPT.

A tip-off that the BSA IDs don’t match would be if the leaders log in to my.scouting.org, and no MBC position is listed under Menu -> My Profile. If the position does show, then it’s probably worth following up with the council about exactly which badges the leaders are listed for, assuming you haven’t already done so.

In Scoutbook your SM shows for EPrep, Engineering and Fire Safety

So where do you find that in ScoutBook? see my screenshot:

might be his setting in MBC - I will private message you a shot - look at top right avatar to find it

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