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Merit Badge Counselors Registered in our troop

I’m an asst. scoutmaster in my troop trying to figure out which of our leaders have registered as Merit Badge counselors. The scoutbook shows all leaders in our district, who are not necessarily in our troop. Is there a good place to go to pull this list? (I’m trying to get everyone who needs it to re-register with the District.)

Is there a way to export or search the list scoutbook produces?

Many thanks.


At the request of multiple councils, Scoutbook does not provide an export of the MBC list for units.

The only way to find out if your leaders are registered as Merit Badge Counselors, other than to search for them in the MB Counselor Search results, is to ask them. If they are not sure if they are properly registered as MBCs, they can log in to my.scouting.org, click the down arrow next ot the avatar in the upper right corner, select My Profile then scroll down to see registered positions.


You can run a roster builder report with all adults and merit badge counselor options checked.


Thank you @jacobfetzer for the roster report idea. That’s what I was looking for!

Just be aware that an adult may be stripped of their MBC status if their YPT lapses, or sometimes I’ve found and other adults myself removed randomly. At least for the ones in your troop and maybe some troops you partner with, keeping a separate list is handy as a back-up.

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When an MBC’s YPT expires, they no longer appear in the MB Counselor Search results, however, connections to Scouts are not removed. WIthin 24 hours of completing YPT, the MBC will return to the MB Counselor Search results.


MBC training

In addition to keeping YPT current
I highly recommend that MBCs take the latest online MBC training. Too many MBCs do not have their basic leader position training recorded.


MBC should have their https://my.scouting.org profile updated with their BSA member number before doing this online training. Some badges require that MBC have additional training


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