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"Merit Badge Dean" History (name and roles)

I cannot find where and when the job title “Merit Badge Dean” was first used. Anyone know where it is documented?

It is not used in our council.

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Garden State Council uses this job title and has as long as I can remember. @PaulPascu has a better memory than I do and might be able to help.

Merit Badge Dean

Each council might be different.

The Baltimore Area Advancement Committee Capital District states:

… the Council Advancement Committee shares this responsibility between council professionals and the local District Advancement Committees. The majority of this process is delegated to the district Merit Badge Dean who is the primary interface for Merit Badge Counselors within in each district. The Merit Badge Dean reviews qualifications, personal references, documentation and recommends new counselors. The District Executive approves the recommendation and forwards the application to the Counsel Registrar for background investigation, official registration and final approval.

Golden Gate Area Council, Merit Badge Counselor Application Process, October 2020 (extract):

Submit applications to the council service center for approval by the Council Advancement Committee

Submit copies of your applications and any necessary certifications to the council service
center including the following:

 BSA Adult Application
 Youth Protection Training certificate current within two years
 Merit Badge Counselor Information form
 Any certifications required for specific merit badges

Merit badge counselor applications are provisionally reviewed and approved by the
Council registrar based on criteria set down by the Council Advancement Merit Badge
Sub-Committee. Any items needing further review will go to the District MB Dean for
review and approval. Confirmed merit badge counselors will be added to Scoutbook.com.

You will receive an email advising you that you have been added to the list. Please log in
and verify your badges are correct and set your visibility preferences.
Failure to do so will result in being removed from the list.
If you wish to add or delete Merit Badges or cease to be a MBC, you must submit an
updated MBC information form as per the above steps.

Merit Badge Counselor Renewal
In May, you will receive an email with a MBC Renewal form that must be submitted back
by the included due date to renew for the next 12 months. Please ensure that your YPT
is up to date or you will not be renewed. PLEASE ensure THE COUNCIL HAS A VALID

For more info on Merit Badge Counseling using Scoutbook
Merit Badge Counselor Recordkeeping in Scoutbook

NOTE: The process for submission of new and periodic renewal of background investigations is a separate one, New prospective MBCs must also submit the background check form with the initial BSA Adult Application,

Guide to Advancement Counselor Approvals and Limitations (extract)

The council advancement committee is responsible for approval of all merit badge counselors before they provide services, although it is acceptable to delegate authority for this function to districts. The process should not be rushed to the point where unqualified counselors are allowed to serve. The National Council places no limit on the number of merit badges an individual may be approved to counsel, except to the extent a person lacks skills and education in a given subject. The intent is for Scouts to learn from those with an appropriate level of expertise.

Merit badge counselors must submit the Merit Badge Counselor Information sheet, according to local council practices. The form must show each badge for which the counselor requests approval. Additions or subtractions may be submitted using the same form. It is permissible for councils to limit the number of badges that one person counsels. They must not do so, however, to the point where Scouts’ choices, especially in small or remote units, are so limited as to serve as a barrier to advancement.

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