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Merit badge info

I can’t see my sons merit badge and advancement information in my account. Please help.

when you go to My Dashboard - do you see your Scout under My Family?

When i click on my dashboard, all it says is my account. When i click on there, i see email, password, switch sso profile, edit profile, upload photo, my membership and favorite videos. I dont see anywhere on here where it says my family.

When you Click My Dashboard - and then Administration do you see this screen (probably not the Merit Badge Counseling stuff)

This is what i see

ok my bet is you turned in a leader application or took YPT and got a second BSA # - send an email to Scoutbook.suppost@scouting.org. Explain the situation, that you think you have 2 Scoutbook accounts. Provide your Scouts name, unit number and Council info.

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Okay. I will do that then.

Have you ever seen your scout’s name under my dashboard? If not, it’s possible the unit never connected you to them.

No. I did rcv emails from the unit for me to connect with him. I attached the email i rcvd. I would click on accept invitation, then it would take me to my dashboard, i would click on account and the first picture is where would take me.

When you log in are you logging in as Ap081286 or Ap081286@yahoo.com?

If you click my account > my connections, do you see him there? Or any scouts?

I dont see where it says my connections.

The “My Membership” looks like it is part of a youth account - not an adult account.

But when I did a search based on your name, you did come up. This suggests that you might have two accounts associated with your name.

Okay. So how do we fix this so i can see my sons things?

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