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Merit Badge Pamphlet Library

Is it possible for troops to maintain a merit badge pamphlet library with the eBook format. Previously our troop maintained a library of the pamphlets. The Troop Librarian managed this library. It does not seem possible now. Or is it?

We looked at getting 6 Android tablets and buying one copy each of the ebooks (as each can be used on 6 devices) nothing came of it though - not sure if they are still offered or not

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Nothing came of it? Is the technology a problem? I tried to get one merit badge pamphlet on my MacBook and also on my Android phone - I couldn’t figure it out - I guess I will have to ask one of the Scouts who are definitely more techno savvy than I am. Also sounds like an “investment” - thanks for giving me a new avenue to investigate.

you have to use the same ebook account on all devices

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