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Merit badge university

Does anyone know the contact for merit badge university? I received an email about it but can’t seem to find it now.

@JesseMellor - would you happen to know the district/council for this ? This is a national forum so that will get us closer.

Sorry, it’s Laurel Highlands Council

https://lhcscouting.org @JesseMellor to find the one you want - there are a few on the calendar

Hey fellow LHC-er! There are several opportunities. They should all be on the website.
One that has been really popular was the focused MB days at camp Guyasuta.

Word of advice about these: nothing will make a young scout angrier than if you send him/her to a bookwork MB class like Citizenship or Personal Management. Let your Star or Life scouts take joy on those.

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That’s really good advice, @Qwazse. We’ve found over time that the best things for the newest Scouts are the most hands-on things. Even at summer camp, we encourage the youngest Scouts to do things like Swimming, Climbing, Rowing, etc. first – let them get a good taste of adventure and accomplishment before tackling the more book-heavy merit badges.

And, the look of horror on moms’ faces when their “little pumpkins” tell them they got to rappel down a 30-foot wall is SO worth it…

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I respectfully disagree. While I think Personal Management is best served with older scouts, it certainly can be done younger.

My sons both LOVED the Citizenship in the Community MB, especially when they went to a School Board meeting. The first did it with a group and the School Board recognized them as part of the meeting.

Merit Badges are like Base Assignments in the military: they are what you make of them.

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