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My son joined cub scouts for the 1st time this year (he’s a lion). I was told to log in to request a badge for him since he completed some of his adventures on this past weekend camping trip. I don’t see where I go to do this PLEASE HELP. I feel so lost.

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Hi, @AnnetteViera,

There are generic instructions for using Scoutbook at help.scoutbook.com, and there are a couple of parent and Cub Scout-specific references there that you might start with:

I am a Scouts BSA leader, and only have a scout at the Scouts BSA (troop) level, so my screenshots below will look a bit different from what you see as a Cub Scout parent.

When you log in to scoutbook.com, then click on My Dashboard then Administration, does your screen look something like this?

Click on your scout’s name, which should bring up a screen that looks something like this.

Click on the line labeled < Scout’s name’s > Advancement, which will bring up a screen that has the various Cub Scout ranks shown. Select the Lion rank, then drill down to the adventure that the unit leadership is telling you that your scout has completed. Once you’re there, you should be able to enter a date completed and mark the item as Complete.

At that point, it should pop up for the leaders to Approve, and then schedule for awarding.

The links I included above might be easier to follow, since they show Cub Scout level usage, but hopefully the screenshots and explanations help a bit.


Hi Annette,

Do you have a Lion Handbook? Lions complete adventure requirements, and as they complete each adventure (as part of their den or with their family), they can earn belt loops.

I would recommend looking through the Lion Handbook and see what he has completed since becoming a Lion Scout. You say he went on a weekend camping trip, so he probably completed at least part of the Mountain Lion adventure and possibly some others (King of the Jungle, perhaps?).

If you are connected to your Lion Scout in Scoutbook, then you should be able to click on your son’s name, then:

  1. Click on his [Scout’s name]'s Advancement.
  2. Click on Lion.
  3. Click on the name of an adventure.
  4. Click on the box next to a requirement that he has completed, then enter the Date Completed.
  5. Repeat the above steps as needed.

Hope this helps!

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