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Meritbadge.org website

We need the meritbadge.org website back!!!

This website was a wonderful resource for keeping my scouts on track with their requirements when working individually or in a group. But most of all, A Scout is Thrifty, and this website allowed the scouts to share copies of the merit badge booklets we have in our troop library.
Please, please consider making this resource available again soon.

@KathleenFoley - that site was not a part of scoutbook nor the BSA. Unfortunately it appears that it will not be back.

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Although I don’t use it or particularly encourage the use of the workbooks, I understand the USSSP acquired meritbadge.org some time ago. The USSSP has its own worksheets as well:


ETA: Auto-mistake…my other arch nemesis…

@CharleyHamilton - yes indeed they did have workbooks available. Now however my arch nemesis happen to be a black cat…evil …and a bluetick coonhound. I am done for in scooby do style.

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@KathleenFoley - all kidding and Scooby Doo humor aside the site was not a part of scoutbook nor scouting.org.

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BSA merit badge websites


  • 2018 merit badge rankings, “Check out the latest official merit badge rankings: 1 to 137”, 11 Feb 2019, Bryan Wendell, (Scouting magazine blog)

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Bill_W - 2019-02-08: Scouts, BSA, Merit Badge Pamphlets Information

Paper Book Sales :

  • BSA Scout Shop: at local Scout Shop, or shop for all merit badge pamphlets online .

Digital Book Sales : (copy of paper version)

Requirements :


Discontinued :

  • BSA interactive-digital merit badge publications.

More :

Pardon the tangent (as if they are rare here) … but I always felt that BSA would do well to produce standard-issue notebook for MB work. It’s features on every page:

  • A left margin with “requirement #” in the title.
  • The top center margin would have a line for the MB/project title
  • Top right would have Name, unit number.
  • Grids of dots instead of lined or graph paper.
  • Bottom margin with a line continued on page …
  • Inside front cover with the standard procedure for earning an MB
  • Inside back cover with list of all MBs.

Never was a fan of worksheets. Some of our scouts use compositions books well, but for others it got in the way because they didn’t offer quite enough structure.

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That’s not a bad idea. I used to use those green engineering notepads in college, and those seem to work well for MB stuff.


Those engineering grids definitely allowed for lots of tic-tact-toe games on one page!


The thing is that most of the merit badge work is not suitable for a notebook. The G2A clearly says that “discuss” means to participate in a discussion. Very few requirements involve making notes on paper.

For that matter, I think the whole merit badge class thing has been a major loss for scouts. Cringing at the “back in my day” thing, most of my badges the benefit was in the combination of doing and direct interaction with the instructor. A notable exception would be my Citizenship classes which met in a judges private chambers over the course of a couple months. But even there, a good bit came because that judge got to know me. I gave my letter to a congressman to him and he sent it off after looking it over. And he didn’t “grade” it, just. ensured I had met the requirement.

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I miss the being able to see how different MB related to different awards. It did a good job of connecting the dots between everything.

Thanks for sharing Bill.

If anyone is listening, this is the problem with the purchase of a GREAT website. Meritbadge.org was easy to navigate. USScouts is a horrible website and VERY difficult to find information.

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@JudiMarthaler - as I stated prior, this is not a scoutbook, or BSA issue nor can any of us here can fix or change.

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I whole-heartily agree Judi! You would think that with all the other issues Scouts BSA is dealing with it would not meddle into resources that volunteers like/use (similar to Scoutbook vs. Troopmaster). All these databases were working fine and volunteers had a choice as to which they preferred. The volunteers are what keep this organization going, not the mgmt folks in TX. If TX loses its volunteer base, Scouts BSA is left with nothing.

Neither meritbadge.org nor usscouts.org are BSA web sites. They are owned and maintained by U. S. Scouting Service Project, Inc.


@KathleenFoley - As I and Ed have pointed out the BSA has nothing to do with these sites and if someone has provided you with that impression they are completely wrong.

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All of the merit badge workbooks (not the pamphlets, but the workbooks) are available at http://www.usscouts.org/.

meritbadge.org will be back. It may take a while, but the system needs to be rehosted and upgraded to the latest version of MediaWiki. Volunteers have only so much time to devote to it and now that the new 2020 Scouts BSA Requirements book has come out they are busy with documenting the changes to share at usscouts.org.

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@stephenNicoud - thank you for that update. Just a bit annoying that folks see a need to blame National for this.


The workbooks that were available through meritbadge.org were identical to the ones available through usscouts.org. It took a lot of effort to maintain the same workbooks on both systems, so in the last two years, we switched it on meritbadge.org so that the links to the workbooks all pointed back to the source at usscouts.org. So, for the last year or so, if you’ve gone to meritbadge.org to get the latest workbook for a merit badge, Webelos adventure, etc., you were actually getting it from usscouts.org.

The older workbooks have not been removed from meritbadge.org, but most of the links are to the new ones at usscouts.org.

For what it is worth, until meritbadge.org is back, you can find an archived copy at https://web.archive.org/web/20190714141849/http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page