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Migrating scouts to adults

How do you migrate a scout that has aged out but remains involved as a unit scouter reserve?

If you turn in an adult application, it should happen automatically. But don’t turn in the application unless all advancement reporting is done. Are all awards marked complete, approved, and awarded?

We have three scouts that have turned in adult applications but they are showing as unassigned for a patrol rather than moving to the adult list. Is this the way it is suppose to work?

Beth Kirchhoff

No, does their position show under their name?

In member manager, do they show under the adult or youth roster?

I just noticed that they are showing up in the adult list plus they are showing as unassigned for a patrol?

do they still have Youth leadership positions open?

or is there a youth membership listed as active.

We had exactly that happen with a Scout that turned 18, and transitioned from Scout to ASM, but still had an active Crew membership.

Similar for youth that go past 18 but have an extension of time to earn eagle scout rank (joined in 2019 at age 16 or 17) to continue rank advancements past 18. How is that going to work in ScoutBook?

As long as a Scout with an extension for Scouts BSA advancement does not register as an adult leader, Scoutbook will continue to work.

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