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Here is the issue-

Every time we PCS (move stations) we receive a new BSA number. And every time my scouts get deleted or removed because the information is put in the system slightly different. So now I have a scout who started as a tiger and just got his Life rank, who has little to no records, things have had to be rebuilt, things are missing, and he has no records of his time in Cubs (ps we have always used Scoutbook in our units). and now my second scout was mysteriously deleted, the whole thing, and the “recovery” by council has resulted in a swiss cheese of awards and ranks. he started as a lion and just completed his Bear with only 3 loops left…
I want their records back!
And would someone please look into making this process easier for our military members? or heck, just anyone who has to move to a new council area!

Sorry if this sounds aggressive, I am well and truly aggravated.

Yep switching Councils and therefore MIDs is a royal pain - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC) - then we can get some info and see if we can get you as much of the data as we can

NOTE: Hopefully over the next 18 months this will change


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