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Minimum number of Scouts in a Den?

How many scouts need to be in a Den? We have 1 girl interested but not sure if I can have a den of 1.


The one girl can be in a den by herself. Encourage her to bring a friend to help the den grow.

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But we would still have to have 2 leaders correct?

You have to have two leaders (one of which must be female) present at any activities. The den does not necessarily have to have two dedicated leaders. They could be committee members, or leaders of other dens.

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I am just concerned because it is only 1 girl who is interested. And I have to get permission still from our Chartered Organization. I want to go by the book when I present everything. But I couldn’t find anywhere what the minimum was for a den.


No official minimum size, but practically speaking, it won’t be much fun for her to always meet by herself. You’ll have to do something to ensure she’s meeting with others regularly or she won’t last long. The BSA allows dens of different genders to have joint activities at the packs discretion when appropriate just like you could for different aged dens.

Yes that is what I am thinking of doing since it is only her. She is a 3rd grader and our boys Bear Den has 8 scouts already. So I was thinking of having the separate dens but that they could collaborate with each other.

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My pack is starting up our first girl dens this month. At this time, as far as girls, we have one Lion, one Tiger, and a Bear. As we start off, we’ll have the girls together in their own mixed den. I am a Bear den leader of a boys den, and to try to keep the girl Bear interested in cub scouts, I am planning on including her in several/most of our activities so that she isn’t acting as a lone scout or feeling left out. My wife is a registered leader, so she may sit in with us to keep the leadership requirements in check.

Our Council is allowing “mixed dens” as long as the female leader requirement is met. This has been extremely helpful.

We have separate boy and girl dens but they meet together.

My goal is to have one male and one female den leader who are then assistants to each other. (At least in Scoutbook) In reality each Den will meet together (both boys and girls) and they will have 2 deep leadership at all times.

Our girl dens only appear to have 2 scouts each.


We have separate dens but only one girl as a Bear and one as a Lion right now. They meet with the boys den and we have a female leader for each. It’s working well and there’s more girls interested.

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At first i was very against with our pack becoming of a family pack. Once it was understood girls were in different den i was okay with it. With low census of girls they have participating as mixed dens. With different dens in name only. Im very much against. As a den leader i put my foot den and said i wasnt going to do that. I want girls to gather their own. I I beleive in the single gender model.

K-5 classes are mixed at almost every school. Pack 3865 also had a handful of girls inquiring, one of whom is my 1st grade daughter. We have needed den mothers but if we cannot mix dens there is no point in having one first grader in her own den. As Cubmaster, I implore National to reconsider this “separate but equal” policy.

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