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Missing AOL on Scout Record

Hello, two of our Scouts had their transfers processed before our Advancement Chair had a chance to enter the AOL awards into IA 2.0. Since they are no longer in our Unit, we cant do it now. Because they are in a ScoutsBSA Troop, they can’t enter an AOL award.

How can we fix this?

Council can solve this for you

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I’ve had this happen in the past. The (cumbersome) process is that the council registrar has to reassign the scouts back to the Pack, so you can enter the awards. Then the registrar can reassign them back to the Troop.

The Council can just enter the awards straight to their system PAS and they are in the Scouts records

That would certainly be easier that what I had to do a year ago.

When we had the issue, our registrar asked if that is what we want to do OR if we submitted the classic paper (or pdf) manual advancement form, she could just update their cub record. That was a lot easier.

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