Missing den leader when switching packs

My den transferred packs and I can no longer see them in Scoutbook. It also appears that I am no longer associated with the new pack either. Any tips in getting me realigned with the right pack?


There is no registration for you in a new pack. The last registration is Pack 382 which expired 12/31/21. You will need to work with your new pack to get re-registered then, after the Scouts appear on the roster, have a pack admin place them into the proper den.

I did find what may be a duplicate Scoutbook account for you. Did you earn Eagle in PA in 1995?

@edavignon -
I did. How do I merge the accounts?
I was registered with pack 450 when we rechartered earlier this year Can you see me in that pack?


I can merge your Scoutbook accounts and fix your my.scouting.org account so it has the MID when you earned Eagle.

You will need to contact your Council regarding the missing registration. Unfortunately we have seen other cases where a registration was dropped at recharter.

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 2.31.29 PM


I merged your Scoutbook accounts and added your PA MID to your my.scouting.org ID as a secondary ID.

@edavignon - Thank you. All the den leaders that moved over were dropped. There were 3 of us.

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