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Missing Eagle Application

For some odd reason, I’m not able to pull up an Eagle application under my son’s profile. When I click on reports…it pops up “choose report” …but there are no reports to click on. It’s basically a floating banner with no drop down. I’m also an Advancement Chair with full rights and still can’t access.

Are you a Troop Admin in Scoutbook?

Go to your son’s Membership page, is his current membership with the troop approved (green shield with checkmark)?

Next, go to his Leadership page. Are his leadership positions approved (green shield with checkmark)?

Yes, I’m an Admin and no - his current membership is not green. It says “pending approval”.

And yes his past leadership positions are check marked green …except for his current position. He started his current position in July.

Thank you Jennifer! It’s been resolved- that was the solution. His membership is now green check mark and his membership was approved. Didn’t realize that was not approved. appreciate it!


@KristenProphet You will also want to approve his current leadership position.

Yes- I just did that as well. When we uploaded the positions, we failed to approve them after entering the data. Thank you!

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