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Missing MeritBadges and Awards for Transfered Scout

Scout transferred from a different council. Originally new council created a new profile, but just recently combined them. All of the scouts previous merit badges and awards are missing from ScoutBook. But the Eagled required ones still show on the advancement report. Is there a way to repopulate scoutbook withe missing information?

BSA #: 137226301
User ID: 11767699

We do not have a way to transfer Advancements cleanly @CoralKutrip - looking at the accounts we could give the old account the new BSA number then Search and Rescue and Game Design MBs would just need to be added back in

Whatever is best that she gets credit for the work achieved. Since a lot of the merit badges were done at camp, or via scoutbook connections she doesn’t have blue cards to even back enter them. She has a number of awards that are missing as well. I’d even take a PDF from the previous account that we can back enter them. Whatever is best so that the work isnt lost.

OK let us think on it - for now Print out a Scout BSA History for her for what she currently has

once you pull that report and have it saved/printed we have a plan

I have the BSA history report that shows just the 2 merit badges and the current rank advancement.

BTW, thank you for the help.

OK I have started the process – will keep you informed

OK I just made you parent again - not sure if I moved fast enough to catch the 3pm Sync though so positions might take overnight or you can just change it in her membership area your self

When I log in, I see her back as her original profile from MTCBSA. That doesn’t have her active at all, since she was removed at recharter. I can’t see any of her advancement, which I assume is because it shows her as inactive. Do I just need to wait until it syncs? Or can we add back in her current troop memberships? Will making her active show her history again?

Sorry for the questions. Scoutbook has always been a great tool for me as a parent and as a leader. Moving definitely isn’t seamless though!

You can add her back yourself if you want - an admin will need to approve the membership

Success! I added her back to her 2 active troops and it populated correctly. Its just missing the stuff that we updated last night. We can get those reentered.


I sent you a private message.

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