Missing old records

Transfer missing old scoutbook data

have a scout who transferred from a different council (piedmont). Application manager shows it as a transfer but sb record shows no prior history nor does registration system





I found 2 SB accounts for this individual. I’ll need to ask the developers why a new account was created because it looks to me as if the account should have been migrated to the new council.

Give me a few minutes to merge them.

Merging them there is very little on the other one

Our NCAC Troop 706 has used the web version of Scoutbook for 10-12 years. I see that the only scouts in the current roster are included. Can I get access to old data from prior years? I want to do some statistics for the Troop like most merit badges earned, etc. and the old data would be easy to manipulate.


The only way you can get this data is to create a Scouts BSA History Report for each former member. You will need their BSA Member ID and last name to access the data. Alternately you may be able to get some historical data from your Council.

As Ed said, you can run the Scouts BSA History Report for each former member to find out what they did.

To find the old members names and Member ID (MID), the unit Key 3 can access the NON RENEWED MEMBERSHIP REPORT in My.Scouting > Menu > Unit > Roster > Reports. Choose the date range desired and run.

To find the Scouts BSA History Report for a random scout, go to Scoutbook > Dashboard > Reports Menu. If you access the same report from the troop page, you are limited to active scouts. I don’t know what permission level is required for Scoutbook (SB) access to either of these. As a troop admin, I have SB access to everything.

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