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Missing Palms award in Internet Advancement 2.0

We are a dual register Venturer/Troop. A particular Venturer received his Eagle in November 2017 with 37 merit badges and the Eagle Palm award Bronze, Gold, and Silver. These were verified by the Council; however, we were not able to see these awards show in his approved profile on the new Internet Advancement 2.0. However, we are able to see/review other Palms awards from other dual Venturer/Troop in our Crew.

Is there a reason why this particular Venturer doesn’t have these awards on his profile anymore? (He just turned 18 this October)

First guess is they were never entered. There is an issue with Eagle Ranks not appearing sometimes but we have not heard it with palms. Did council say if they see them in PAS or ScoutNET?

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