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Missing participants in unit roster reports

The unit roster reports are not including “Unit Participants” (over 18 with extension). I dont know if this has been addressed yet.

Ron, are you seeing this in Scoutbook or IA 2.0?

@RonFedele if you can specify what Exact Report and what Platform we can check

In scoubook on the unit or patrol page when accessing unit roster report

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For my Unit, our one Unit Participant (scout with extension) does show in Scoutbook, but is missing in IA2 (main menu “Roster”).

My “unit participant” is showing up in scoubook roster but not in the roster report


In IA 2.0, check the filter (icon looks kind of like a funnel) on the right side of the screen, and make sure that the option to show Youths 18+ is selected.

Ron, are you referring to Roster Builder?

I am talking about the roster report on the Scoubook roster page


OK, so:

Troop Roster -> Print Roster

which takes you to the Roster Builder Designer. And 18-20 year old Scouts who are registered as Unit Participants (UP) are not available to select?

that is correct over 18 and listed as unit participants

18+ was already checked. The scouts does show up, if I pick “Adults”, but that still doesn’t seem right, they are still a Youth (participant).

@JillBarr Do the 18-20 year old Unit Participants show up for you in the Member Manager at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools)?

yes, but TWICE, once as a Youth Member, and once as a Unit Participant

Comment: I suspect Special Scouts (over the age of 17) may still be registered as “M” (Member).

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