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Missing previous advancement in scoutbook

My son and thus likely his friend are missing the Bear advancement (not listed as completed) from year 2018/2019. I was den leader in their previous pack for these 2 scouts, and am still their den leader in our current pack (now webelos 2). I see all other advancements are listed in scoutbook at least for my son. I have saved the dates completed and what electives we did, etc from that year. Is there hopefully a way I can go back into scoutbook and complete this? When I go into my son’s and click on the separate achievements, it puts me back to the Dashboard page. I can go into the quick enter option but that doesn’t give me the ability to enter dates completed for individual achievements and also doesn’t let me change to the previous pack he was in when he completed Bear, although I’m not sure that is as important?
Thank you.


Check the membership to see if these Scouts have both a membership in a den and one without. If they have a pack membership without a den, put and end date on that one and try to access their advancement again.

Adding on to what Ed said, you need a Pack Admin to create and move the Cub Scouts into their dens in Scoutbook. Then the Pack Admin will need to assign you as Den Leader to their Webelos den. As their Webelos Den Leader, you will be able to add the missing Bear rank and adventures before they register with a troop.

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