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Missing rank date

I have a Scout currently working on Eagle that for some reason was missing some of his Merit Badges which did not download over when the Troop moved to Scoutbook for advancements in September of 2019. We caught this in November 2019, added in the correct dates for earned and awarded but Scoutbook defaults to awarded on the day you actually enter this somehow?

Now, we see that for some reason the date he earned Star rank did not download correctly either, he earned Star in September of 2017 so, it should have downloaded over as well. BUT, Scoutbook won’t let me add this date in because the merit badges show that they were awarded in November 2019, so I keep getting an error. Even though the earned dates and awarded dates are correct.

Helpdesk ticket referred me to look through Help but I can’t find anything there. Has anyone encountered this for older Scouts and how did you get it fixed?

Would you be interested in doing a screen share? If so, I can set one up.

Scoutbook does not record the date something is awarded. The date that is important is the completion date. If the wrong date was recorded for Merit Badges, select the badge, click the completion date and edit the date. After getting the dates set correctly, you will be able to change the date on ranks.

Hi Jennifer,

Yes please. He is the only one so far I am having issues with and I really can not figure this one out.


@CarlaKrahl I can also set one up now if you want

@CarlaKrahl - and I as well… :slight_smile:

@CarlaKrahl I have sent you a direct message. Please check your avatar in the upper right corner.

Thank you again Jennifer for your help in fixing this!


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We got it figured out. The issue was with Star rank requirement 3 (the overall date of completion was incorrect). After it was corrected, everything was good.

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