Missing Registered Scout IA 2.0 and Scoutbook

I have a registered female AOL scout which has been on both IA 2.0 and Scoutbook roster for months and today she disappeared. She is still listed in my.scouting.org yet when I hit sync she is not added back to scout book like I figured she would. I have the scouts BSA# FEC Council knows nothing about scout book nor IA 2.0. How do I get our scout back?

@ScottMarbut - have you looked in your account and then connections? It is possible that she is there. A ctrl-f and name should bring that up if there. Failing that I would post the bsa id.


If you provide the Scout’s BSA Member ID, we don’t need anything else, we can look into this for you.

Her BSA Number is 137157384. She is not listed on the roster in Scoutbook or IA 2.0 either. I tried to find her using sync, and transfer a scout but no luck.

I checked the roster and the connections already, I can find the Mom who is a leader, and the younger brother, but not the scout. You did teach me a new lesson thank you with the Ctrl-F trick. Thank You!

I see her in AKELA - but it looks like recharter ended her membership in Scoutbook - I will reconnect you but you will need to fix membership by going to My Connections > Finding Scout > correcting membership

Odd as our recharter was complete in Dec and she joined in Nov and has been on the books since. She recently earned her Bobcat and was awarded last month, so the drop off the roster definitely unexpected. I am sure I can figure it out. I will reply here when complete.

Eureka, She is back! Thank You!

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