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Missing Required Meeting - Scoutbook / Leader

I’m using leader.scouting.org. I go to my Tiger Den and then Meetings. “Duty to God” (aka My Family’s Duty to God) has disappeared from my meetings. It was there a month ago. I’m not sure how this happened since I’ve read in multiple post we cannot delete requirements.

I can’t seem to add it back. I can add electives, but not requirements.

How do I get it back? I didn’t want to do a full reset of the meeting schedule because we are 50% through the year.

I know that dates can be changed on the meetings, which might punt them into the past or future.

Do you know if there’s someone else who has write access to the events (e.g. a unit or den admin) who might have unintentionally edited the date and moved it into the past/far future? I’ve done that to myself in the “regular” Scoutbook calendar with unfortunate frequency.

Hi Charley, Thank you for the reply. I can see all the meetings past and future. The meetings go back to 9/28. I also did a text search on God and I get 0 results.

Well, rats. Another perfectly good idea shot full of holes by the facts. :wink:

I’m not aware of a way to delete a Den Leader Experience meeting, either. Could someone from @suac-admin comment on whether a DLE event can be moved to another calendar (e.g. from Den # to Den ##)? I’m wondering if somebody might have done that, which might make it appear invisible to a search, but it’s actually just searching in the wrong calendar.

Charley, you got me looking hard and I’m now embarrassed (PEBKAC) :hot_face: It’s just labeled “Tiger Circles”. I thought I saw Duty to God a few weeks ago but who knows, most likely me. It’s there, I was just looking for the wrong thing!

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Good to hear you found the meeting, @MatthewHeilman. I suspect most of us experience a fair amount of PEBCAK. I know I have created perhaps more than my share on these boards.

I am still curious, even if it’s now kinda academic, as to whether or not a DLE meeting can be moved to another den’s calendar by someone who has write access to both calendars, if anyone from SUAC knows.

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@CharleyHamilton Pretty sure that can’t be done.

Thanks. It seemed unlikely, since DLE seems to behave strangely relative to “normal” calendar items but at the same time I knew that “normal” calendar items could be “moved” from one calendar to another by changing which calendars they appear on in the pull-down menu. At least that used to work. I may have created a few patrol meetings on the wrong patrol calendar in the past, and not noticed the list of invitees was wrong. :blush:

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