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Missing Scout From Scoutbook

I have an Star Rank Scout missing from Scoutbook. I think Scout performance an update and the scout disappear. Please any advise.


post the BSA# and it can be investigated (no names) - if you do not know the number a Key 3 can get it from Roster at my.scouting.org

Hello, I’m also having issues with one of my Webelos scout. He was on Scoutbook last month and when I recently checked, he’s no longer on Scoutbook. Please look into. His BSA# is 136281046.

@JohnPerillo system says he is in Den 10 of your Scoutbook


BSA# is 134145774. Thanks for the help.

@RafaelCancel this scout is not registered - has your Charter processed?

It’s suppose to be done. I will check with k3.

it looks done - you are registered in that unit

I think maybe the scout registration was skip

@RafaelCancel I just reconnected you to scout - you can find him at Dashboard > My Account > My Connections - from there you can fix membership - BUT there is a trick - make Join unit date TODAY - that gives you 60 days to get it sorted out without him disappearing again

Hi @DonovanMcNeil can you check on Scout BSA#134755996 he disappeared from the roster.

@Melissa_Heinz he is not officially registered in a Troop - you need to talk to Unit or Council

Transferring from another unit in the Same Council | Scoutbook Knowledge Base might help you as Parent also solve it

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