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MIssing Scout in Scoutbook, but he is properly registered in Scoutnet

I am a Council user and we are missing a scout in scoutbook that is registered in Scoutnet. How can I or the unit get him added to Scoutbook? I’ve looked at other people’s threads on a similar topic to this, but none of them have matched or helped me solve this problem. Thanks for any advice anyone could give me!

best to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

Has the unit double-checked to make sure that the Scout shows up on their Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org?

First, have a unit Admin go to their My Account -> My Connections to see if the Scout might be listed there. If the Scout is there, click on the Scout’s name, and then Scout’s Membership to add a current membership with the unit.

If the Scout is not found under a unit Admin’s connections, the unit Admin should be able to add the Scout to their unit by:

  1. Going to the unit Roster screen (in Scoutbook).
  2. Use the “Transfer In Scout” button at the bottom of the list of Scouts. In order to transfer the Scout to the unit, a unit Admin will need to know: Scout’s BSA member number, first name, last name, DOB, and zip code.

The unit leader told me that she can’t transfer the scout at all because when she puts in all that info on the scout, it returns a message that says “Scout not found.” The scout is also not listed in “My connections”. Additionally, as a Council user, when I look at the full roster of users, his name is not there.

OK, please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


and include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA member number, unit number, district name, council name, etc.).

I’ll try that. Thanks!

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