Missing Scout?

We have a scout ID=136550479 who disappeared from SB. I tried to transfer him in and got “Scout Name have an active registration in this organization. There is no need to transfer.” (removed by Moderator)

What dod we do wromg?

Thank you

@PatrickMaguire - what was the last thing that was done with the scout… like patrol/den stuff ?

We expired some scouts by making vactive end 11/1. He should not have been.

@PatrickMaguire - could you check your account > your connections and see if the scout is still listed

I have requested a position sync for this Scout. Check Scoutbook after 4:00 PM Central today.

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No he is not listed on my connections

Thank you, will check this evening, have a great weekend all of you

@PatrickMaguire - you as well… hopefully the issue is resolved later.

Thank you so much, all is resolved…

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