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Mixed Group of Webelos and Arrow of Light

I am looking for Den Leader advice…

We have a small pack with super small dens. We have a few additional cubs joining this year, but we did NOT have any Webelos last year (we are moving from a Bear to Webelos Den). This year, we will have at least one Webelos joining that will be working towards Arrow of Light rank…the rest will all be working towards Webelos rank. My question is this: what is the best way to work with a combined den of Webelos/Arrow of Light? None of their requirements are similar (except Duty to God). We meet biweekly, so any help with Den Meetings would be greatly appreciated! This will be my second year working with scouts, my husband (also my Assistant Den Leader) is an Eagle Scout AND OA member…we’ve actually thought about him working with the Arrow of Light scout one-on-one, but we were thinking it may do us good to ask a well experienced group before taking that route.

First, please be aware of youth protection rules… no one on one contact. I suspect you actually meant off to the side with others within sight and earshot.

A den of one scout doesn’t sound like much fun. So, I’d definitely have them meet with the other scouts. Then, pulling that scout aside for a portion of the meeting wouldn’t be so bad. Really, a high percentage of AOL requirements are things that can’t be done in a meeting. They need outdoor activities and activities with a scout troop. That’s likely on top of regular den meetings. Also, consider partnering with the current Bear den to help this scout earn their Whittling Chip.

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Thank you, for your incite! Yes, I meant they would work at a different table during the meeting.

Do you have a partner troop? In addition to @jacobfetzer recommendations, maybe you can use a Webelos Den Chief to work with the AOL requirements, and help your new AOL Scout get to know the Troop a little better in the process.

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@SteveCagigas, at this time, we do not have a partner troop. That is something we will definitely look into!

Something else to consider: Webelos Scouts who are in the 4th grade must complete the Webelos rank before working towards their Arrow of Light rank (new BSA guidance as of February, 2019). And the 5th grader will also need to earn the Bobcat rank (which the 4th graders have already earned).

They can certainly work on elective adventures together, but the 5th grader will likely have a different focus. He will also have a different time frame, because most 5th graders cross over to a troop around January-March.

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@JenniferOlinger, I am almost 100% certain that he’s earned bobcat. He was part of a different pack, but dropped out for some reason. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to his parents, our last meeting was chaotic! We are having our annual school sign up night tomorrow, so it is possible that we might have a few more working towards AoL . I think I’m probably overthinking this whole situation! :joy:

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I would try to have him recruit some 5th grade buddies. That would be ideal.

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