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So I am checking Scoutbook’s list of adventures for my AOLs next year. And what do I find, a new preview adventure. Modular Adventure which has only a digital recognition and will cost my scouts about $15 per person if they buy the Snap Ship kits. Four kits at Amazon is more than my yearly budget for eleven scouts. My scouts love receiving the belt loops/pins … that is a recognition that they can “show off” when attending meetings or other scouting events. A digital is nothing. Anyone have any ideas, how I can complete this adventure using lego type pieces?

It can be done with any Lego-like system - #3 requires cost “From Instructions” - so they have to have to instructions to do it - unless you can now download replacement ones from lego or something

You can easily find replacement instructions for any Lego set online, and the adventure is probably easier to do with Lego. Cuz what kids doesn’t have legos at home.


In theory the DL could make the Den’s own instructions

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True. Especially with several cubs, you could get a box that isn’t a specific set and just a creative pack and use the contents to make something that everyone can make at once. The real fun is letting build their imagination.

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I believe the single sets start at $6. The $15 includes multiple sets.

My yearly budget is $50. I have eleven scouts. Even $6 puts me over.

A Scout pays their way is a long-standing approach to Scouting. The adventure was created under the auspices of remote meetings via teleconference. It was created for the parents to order the kits themselves and the Scouts to work on virtually.

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Which means too many will not have the opportunity to complete this adventure.

Agreed. I was hoping that someone else felt that we could substitute the Snap Ship items for something else. I presume that they can receive the digital acknowledgement even if they do not use their product. Glad I use the Adventure completion cards so my cubs will have something tangible.

They can fundraise. Sell meat sticks, have a unit car wash.

This post was a question of alternative methods instead of purchasing kits. I don’t think it’s appropriate to start critiquing other units finances.

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Thank you, Bryant . I appreciate your response.

If your comment was directed at me, I believe there’s a misunderstanding.

I was suggesting a tool to enable the Scouts to enjoy the adventure, not critiquing in any way.

Don’t forget this is a preview adventure. Feedback like “This is too expensive” is really important for the people developing the adventure – make sure you share the feedback with them, not just here on the forums.

There’s a “Give Feedback” link at the bottom of the Preview Adventure page:


I ordered a cheaper snap ship for $8 on amazon and we used legos we had for the other steps. My son is a tiny kid and had a really hard time snapping together the pieces for snap ships, but he thought the finished product looked cool since it comes with a stand. (The lid of the box is the base of the stand, so don’t throw it away unless you want to dig in the trash like I did.) It was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday, but not the most thrilling adventure. The videos are not really much explanation into what Modular design is, so we watched some youtube videos about modular homes. My kids thought that was cool. It was the only adventure elective we hadn’t done, so we did it. But unless you’re that close to finishing them all, it’s not really going to be a heartbreak to skip this one. That’s my review. Hope it helps!

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It’s probably worth sharing your experience with the preview team via the link that @SteveCagigas posted, if you haven’t already. In particular, the minimal explanation of modular design (ostensibly a primary purpose of the adventure) you described certainly sounds like an area for improvement that the team would need to know about…at least from my perspective as an engineer. :grin:

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I actually just purchased the snipsnaps (name?) earlier today. Will give the adventure a run through with my kiddo and see what we think.
I agree with a lot of what was said above in that a Lego set could probably fulfill the requirements.
With the continued rise of the cost of wood, everything may be modular before we know it…

First interpretation, the adventure videos do a poor job at really explaining WHAT modular systems are. The video for the adventure is about two minutes and mostly focuses on the toy/kit and not any real life collateral (like modular buildings… anything from ikea, etc.)
I’ll update again after digging in some more with the kid.


I have concerns that these preview adventures (first the yo-yo one, now this) are really just vehicles for selling toys.