Mom only showing on one child plus multiple versions of Dad

I have an issue similar to the one in this post, plus a little more: Parent only showing on one child

New Scouts (Webelos and Arrow of Light) joined our Pack this year.

Mom is showing up correctly on Webelos profile, but not on Arrow of Light’s profile (no email). I see the same BSA member numbers for both versions of Mom’s profile and Connection Manager is only showing one version of Mom. Mom only sees Webelos when she logs into Scoutbook.

There’s another issue with Dad in the same family. Originally, Council connected both boys to a person with the same name in a different Council (this person is in Ohio, we are in Texas). Another version of Dad with no email address got created and connected, but Dad cannot log into this account (no email). Finally, a 3rd version of dad with an email address is connected, but doesn’t seem to have a BSA member number, just a User ID number. Dad now says he can see both boys, but I’m not sure which profile is working, or if either one really is. We can’t change or remove any of the connected “parent” profiles.

AOL Scout will bridge this weekend (of course). So we’d like to get things cleaned up before passing along a mess to his new Troop.

Webelos Scout:13882892
AOL Scout:137340170
Mom: 14054390
Wrong Dad (Ohio): 131404443
Dad without email: 132791525
Dad without BSA member id: 12226409 (Scoutbook User ID)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@MattEstes I see mom in SB connected to GG and LG and she has signed in today

@MattEstes the dad is cleaned up

@MattEstes did they move from OHIO? That second dad might be the real dad - in fact I am pretty sure he is.

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for the quick help.

Dad says he did not move from Ohio. According to the legacy training validation tool, Dad in Ohio is a trained MBC and ASM. The family who joined our Pack this year is brand new to Scouting at any level.

I’ve messaged Mom & Dad to log into their profiles and make sure they can see both Scouts. I’m not sure Mom is going to be fixed - when I view GG’s profile and click on Mom’s connection, I do not see her email address under her name in the Modify Connected Adult screen. I do see the email address when I do the same from LG’s profile.

It looks like all of Dad in Ohio’s training has now been credited to Dad in Texas…

it is bizarre - the numbers were already under manage member ID

In fact how it looks to me that other dad is the scouts DAD in the membership system

That’s how Council originally set it up. When their (paper) applications were first processed by SHAC, the connection was made to the Ohio dad. So we were emailing stuff to that address and assuming it was all working fine, but in reality the Dad in TX never got anything. Took a while to get the communication issues fixed.

@DonovanMcNeil I heard back from parents.

Dad is working exactly as desired. Thanks for clearing all those up.

Mom’s situation has improved, but she can now only see GG’s name with last initial, like she doesn’t have full control. I see her listed as parent with full control…

Edit: Mom’s connection is slightly different on my end. I see Pending Connection for Mom with GG, but Active Connection for Mom with LG.

I forced a parent connection for her

OK, it looks right for me now (Active Connection instead of Pending Connection). I let Mom know.

Mom reports all is well. Thank you sir!

Similar problem here… How do I merge multiple accounts for myself?

137454129 has my older son
13059909 was created by the Unit but I couldn’t get in
12753596 has my younger son - I want to merge all to this ID# if possible.


@ViolaChurchill this is fixed

Thanks so much!

Is this something parents should be able to fix on their own, or is it just for admins?

Councils or Forum help solves that @ViolaChurchill

there should only be one dad, Patrick Joseph Neville. Can you please fix??

@ViolaChurchill need more data to fix - User IDs - BSA numbers? I do not see 2?

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