More attendance options

For attendance (in calendar), the only option is attended or not attended. I would like some more options. Reason, for top scout of the quarter in my previous unit we used attended (1 pt), in uniform (+1 pt), on time/didn’t leave early (+1). We can pull the data out of the audit log, but currently the only way to input it is 3 separate concurrent meetings (arrived/on time/in uniform).

It seems like this would be unlikely to be adopted by BSA IT, based on the fact that they’ve already stated that they won’t handle council/local awards. This seems like an even more “unique” special use case. It seems more like information that the scribe would record in his or her minutes.


Or it could be recorded as a comment attached to the event.

  • Who attended (since when scouts leave the unit, their attendance disappears)
  • +Who was in uniform
  • +who was late
  • +who left ealy

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