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More Stratigic communications and Marketing

This topic is a continuation of Churchill Plan, Prioritize National BSA strategic communications and marketing and make additional investments in related efforts

I ran across this BSA page regarding chapter 11 bankruptcy

The BSA must go head to head on all those advertisements soliciting those that experienced child abuse in the past by applying the appropriate keywords to the BSA page regarding chapter 11 bankruptcy This page must go head to head against any negative press that the BSA receives.

  1. The page does not have a title tag
  2. The page does not have any Open Graph Meta Tags
  3. The page Content does not have Latent semantic Indexing(LSI)
  4. The page heading tags do not exist or do not have LSI.

See the post regarding page rankings and marketing on the web

Every time someone searches for

  • BSA bankruptcy
  • BSA compensation of victims
  • BSA child abuse
  • etc.

The BSA page regarding chapter 11 bankruptcy must be in the search results.


Yelling in the forums does no good. The BSA does not have staff that monitors these forums. Please communicate directly with the BSA if you have suggestions for them regarding their bankruptcy proceedings.


I’m pretty sure the BSA has to make a good faith effort to find all abide victims in advance of the bankruptcy hearing. A marketing campaign to counter that may not be allowed.

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David, your last thread on strategic communictions was closed because the discussion had run its course. The solution isn’t to start a new thread.

Here’s how to contact the National Service Center to discuss your opinions on how they should manage their finances during bankruptcy:

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That is exactly what the page does when it says:

  • “The Boy Scouts of America believes our organization has a social and moral responsibility to equitably compensate all victims who were abused during their time in Scouting.”
  • “Our plan is to use this Chapter 11 process to create a Trust that will provide equitable compensation to victims.”

searches do not land on this page and that is the problem!

I attended the OA Anpetu-We lodge fall reunion where OA candidates toiled in service as part of their ordeal performing Camp Lewellan facility and grounds maintenance.

I am not privy to the OA or Camp Lewellan finances but there seemed to be great concern over the limited budget for materials expenditures. The candidates and adult volunteers completed all work projects identified and the accomplishments were very rewarding and educational to the candidates.

I observed the camp could stand for a lot more upkeep, especially the camp site pavilions needing new roofs and paint, roads to camp sites needs gravel laid down, adult showers/bath house floor drainage issues need to be dealt with, and pit toilets need to be sucked.

My point is there is one way to obtain necessary funding for the upkeep and that is via the event registration process. In GSLAC there is an online event registration process where the fees are collected for the event. Other councils have similar online registration processes.

Add to the event registration page a set of radio buttons for donations in the amounts of $5, $10, $15, etc to general camp upkeep or to specific projects. The funds so collected may somewhat ameliorate the perceived cash crunch facing the camps maintenance budget.

Camp site upkeep is not so much for the youth attending but for the parents to see the living conditions for their sons and especially daughters. The Girl Scout camp Latonka and Cherokee ridge has/had much spiffier camp sites.

We do not want our camps to be sold off like the Girl scout camp Cherokee ridge for want of maintenance and girl troops. The Girl Scouts are destroying their legacy. I have observed that many scouts have parents who were scouts and I am sure those parents relive their experiences every time they visit the camp. A camp gone so goes the parents fond memories and so does their support of scouting.

Users should like this post if he/she believe adding donate buttons to the event registration pages is appropriate.

I think this is a pretty good idea, but I think the donation idea is entirely up to the individual councils…

And, as others have noted, these forums aren’t monitored by any “official” BSA representatives, just other volunteers. You may have better luck with this proposal by presenting it to your local Scout Executive.

For what it’s worth, that screenshot looks like it’s from Black Pug (scoutingevent.com), which is used by many councils, including my local one, Michigan Crossroads Council. I know I’m going to take your recommendation and pitch it to our local Scout Executive at the next Roundtable.

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That is why I posted it here so that like you maybe others will do the same. Don’t forget to like the post.I would love to hear some feedback from your scout executive.

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