Moved to new council. Now have two accounts

I moved then signed up to be a Merry Badge counselor in a new council. Now I have two accounts associated with my email address but can only get into one. Also, there appears to be a mixture of my two accounts. What to do? Can these be combined into the WestArk Council account?

@JohnSchmidt2 LET ME LOOK AT IT

@JohnSchmidt2 you are fixed up

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Ok. Using ScoutBook to search for me using name and email address, two of me show up. Only one of these recognizes my MB counselor status.

Searching with only my name and BSA number produces only the account with MB counselor selection greyed out.

not sure I follow - you mean doing an MBC search for yourself? There is only one SB User with that email now

No. My old member ID can still be found.

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