Multiple account help please

Hello, seems like the wizards here can help me.

SB user id: 1826838

I cant see my unit info currently and getting the warning message about 2 emails associated with my account?

@AdamWarner1 the email is fixed - but you have no active registrations that I see

I also have 2 accounts, both have email of
131104768 has my name as William Quanstrom
Unknown #. Name Bill Quanstrom

Can I combine these? Will they have my youth Scout advancement?

Cub Scout Pack 57 in Manchester, PA Training Chair should be my linkage.

@AdamWarner1 been a whole 2 years since that registration

@WilliamQuanstrom you are fixed

Thanks so much for your quick reply Donovan! I should have been registered at the Cub Pack 57 level now according to my DE Tyler Roman. My son is not active with the Troop but my daughter is now a Lion :slight_smile:

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