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Multiple adults

We are working on our recharged and have one adult who will be a multiple (paid by his home unit). We are having a problem getting the fee to show up as 0.00 for our fee. He did give us his home troop number and he is out of council. What we did in the summary was click update next to his name then register in another unit entered troop and his unit number when we go back it shows that we are paying for him. Any and all help would be greatly sppreciated.
Thank you.

So this is a recharter? I honestly do not know if registrations cross councils? My gut says they do not as each council has unique BSA #'s.

I would recommend contacting your council Registrar.

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From what I’ve heard, you can choose the Council option rather than Unit option and then type in something like “WCC Crew 4385” in the position field.

@jacobfetzer - looks like I will need to check into that as we have several multiple unit adults myself included.

And also proactively reach out to your DE or someone else at your council to make them aware.

Thanks to all - that issue was fixed

however I listed one of my committee members as a multiple with the information from the other multiple - their names are next to each other. He is not a multiple and needs to show up as being paid for by the Troop any idea how to fix it at this time he is showing up with no Fees, Thanks again in advance.

@JohnBurnham If you have not yet finalized your online recharter, then you should be able to go back to the screen and change the adult who is incorrectly marked as a multiple. Here is a link to a tutorial (multiple registrations are on page 28):

2019 Internet Charter Renewal Tutorial for Packs, Troops and Crews V10 PDF

Thank you all

I was able to fix the issue on my tablet for some reason it was not working on the laptop.

Thanks again for all your help. Have a great and safe weekend.


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