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Multiple cubmaster

My question is whether there is a rule against having more than one cubmaster at one time.

Background: I’ve been the PCC and assistant cubmaster for over 3 years now. Many times I have filled in for the cubmaster, I’ve probably done the equivalent of 1 year as the CM so far. The CM just left and named a friend as CM instead of me. I’m aware that he can’t do that, but I consider both friends and I don’t want to rock that boat. TBH, I’ve been doing the job 1/3 of the time, and it sounds like I’ll do it even more now, so the title really doesn’t matter… Except for the cubmaster’s key award. It’s upsetting to me that I now won’t earn that award. The new CM is about to have a baby and he had a lion, so he will Outlast me. And I know he’ll do a good job. But if like to list us both for 2 years and then apply for the knot.

So I’m not asking whether this SHOULD be done, I’m not trying to make a precedent and I’m happy to go back to assistant when those 2 years are up. But I want to know if there is any rule against this. Our council probably won’t check, o could apply for the award today, I’m not worried about that either. I just don’t want to be breaking any rules officially if I do this.

I got the idea from talking to a leader from a pack in Texas that had like 500 scouts. He told me they have a CM for every 100 scouts, and an assistant for every 25 scouts. So if they can do it, can I?

I googled for 20 minutes before posting, apparently no one has ever asked this before! Now that’s rare!!

Thank you!

@BrendanMcCarthy1 - here is the deal. There is in every scouting unit what is known as the key 3. They are the Committee Chair, Charter organization Rep and the Unit Leader. The unit leader is the CubMaster, Scoutmaster, Crew advisor and Skipper. There are never multiple Unit leaders, but there may be multiple assistants. So this unit of 500, in my mind seems to be outlandish and a bit over the top and not exactly in line with standard unit practice.

Only one unit leader allowed per unit

I suspect one unit leader (e.g. Cubmaster) is enforced by the Online Registration System for new members to the unit, and by the BSA membership system used by council registrars. Here are the instructions followed by council registrars. The Cubmaster is the “CM” and the Assistant Cubmaster is the “CA”. If there are 2 CMs registered in a unit I suspect it will cause problems with accessing my.Scouting Tools.

Per Registration Guidebook, 100-092, ©2019 Boy Scouts of America, July 2019

Unit Position Requirements

Packs, troops, crews, and ships are required to have an institution head, a chartered organization representative, a committee chair, two committee members (or one committee member and one new member coordinator or pack trainer for packs), and a unit leader. All of these positions must be filled by individuals who are at least 21 years old. Packs are also required to have at least one den leader who may be a den leader for any of the Cub Scout ranks (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scout).

Cub Scouting Program Requirement - Unit Requirements

  • Minimum leadership positions—CR, CC, CM, 2 MCs*, an LL, TL, DL, or WL**, and an LP or AP for each Lion or Tiger
  • Can have—CA, DA, WA, NM, PT, REU, 91U, 92U
  • Minimum youth members needed—Five paid***
  • Term—Minimum six months, maximum 18 months

*** Units may register with as few as two paid youth members with the permission of the Scout executive.

Unit Size

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Well, a unit cannot have two Cubmasters, regardless of the number of Scouts. I don’t know where this Texan leader came up with the idea that it was OK to do that, and I would bet you a dollar if you looked at his Packs actual adult roster in, it shows one Cubmaster, just like every other Pack in the BSA. If the unit’s that large, he may well need a few dozen other adult leaders, but none of them are also Cubmasters.

With that out of the way, I think you have a couple of options. If I were you, I’d be direct. They’re your friends, TELL THEM you want to earn your Cubmaster’s Key, so you really want to be the Cubmaster for the next two years.

You can pile it on as well – “Hey, you know Cubmaster isn’t really an ‘hour per week’ position, and you’re got a new baby to take care of, and a mom recovering from pregnancy. You’re not being fair to your family by taking on a significant volunteer role right now”.

As the Pack Committee Chair, one of your tasks on the adult side of things is succession planning for the adult roles. The current CM shouldn’t have offered the position to anyone without discussing it first with you and the COR. You could make a stink


There is only one Cubmaster in a pack at one time, but there can be multiple Assistant Cubmasters.

The Cubmaster does not appoint his or her own replacement. The Pack Committee Chair makes a recommendation, and the Chartered Org. Rep. appoints the replacement. Of course, the Cubmaster can also make a recommendation.


I have recent experience with this. When the council registrar enters the information from a new CM application, the system forces the registrar to drop the existing CM or move that person to another registered position. So, unless someone knows how to override the membership database, there cannot be two CMs registered for the same pack.


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There are multiple possibilities here.

First, it is possible that this pack of 500 Scouts cannot have meaningful pack meetings, because they don’t have access to a room into which they will all fit. Therefore, there may be five volunteers who act as CM for these meetings, so they can be held five different times without wearing out one person. However, even if this is the case, there is only on registered CM, and the other four, even if they are doing all the work of a CM, are not logging time as a CM for the CM Key.

Another possibility is that they have five charters, so the group can be broken down into five. Perhaps they have activities that all five packs do together like park fun days or resident camp. Even with separate charters, they may have a common identity. Many units drop the leading digit of their unit number. So, if their pack numbers are 3414, 4414, 5414, 6414 and 7414, they may all identify as Pack 414. In such a case, they do actually have five CM, each of whom bears the responsibility as the unit leader of the Scouts on his or her roster.


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Or… it was just a case of Texan exaggeration… I don’t know if I can even wrap my mind around a Pack with 500 kids in it.

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