Multiple memberships for individuals

Three separate-but-related issues:
I have one individual who earned Eagle and aged out, but is still with the unit as a College Scouter Reserve (92U?) However, his youth account is still listed in the Troop roster. Trying to remove that membership pops up this message: “By ending this membership, we are ending corresponding leadership positions in this Unit.” Since he has no youth leadership positions, am I correct that his CSR membership will also be terminated? (Member # 122656811, user # 1908005)

I also have a couple of Scouts who earned Eagle and have aged out of the main program, but whose memberships were suddenly duplicated; they’re both in a patrol and unassigned. (Member #s 123163358 and 122603313). They actually should be CSRs as well until September, at least.

Finally, a fourth Scout in that patrol also earned Eagle and aged out, but his account was not duplicated nor is he showing up as the CSR he ought to.

There’s no consistency, so I’m leaning towards data entry error… but how do I fix these?

It looks like your unit’s recharter was not processed until after a cleanup script was run. This put the Scout back in as a youth member. I have ended the youth membership.

123163358 and 122603313 are registered as a Unit Participants which is a Scout that is over the age of 18 but has an extension. If they should be regsitered as Unit College Scouter Reserved, I suggest contacting your Council. To be registered as a Unit Participant, they had to fill out an adult application. This could have been filled out incorrectly or the person registering them may have entered the wrong position code.

For the 4th Scout, he needs to complete an adult application. Without a BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID, I can’t investigate further.

Thanks, Ed.

So yes, data entry errors for the other three, since I think all four of them filled out the adult applications together and were delivered to the office as a packet.

I’ll follow up with them.

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I apologize if I am in the wrong forum but the title is the closest to my question. I am a member of a Troop in Alabama. I have an account in Scoutbook. A Scoutmaster in another Troop in the same Council sent me an invitation so he can share a Scout record with me. I am working with this Scout but I am not part of His Troop. The invitation says to login using my regular username but there is not temporary password as stated in the invitation. If I use the password for my other account I will be logged in on my regular account. Any help is really appreciated


If this was done correctly, all you need to do is log in to your normal Scoutbook account and you will be connected to the Scout. The Scout will appear on your My Connections page.

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Thank you. It worked as you said.

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