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Multiple Mile Swim Entry

We have several Scouts with multiple Mile Swim completions. They redo it each year at summer camp. However, I cannot seem to log more than one in Scoutbook.

Any insight?

Hi, @AdamAuthement,

I’m not aware of any expectation that this award would be presented more than once. There’s no prohibition, of which I am aware, on multiple presentations of the Mile Swim BSA, but it’s “To encourage swimming skills and recognize Scouts who swim one mile or more.” per the BSA award description. I’ve always understood it to be earned once and awarded once. Seems like at some point the drag on your swimsuit gets high enough that it’s getting harder each time, so maybe there’s merit to multiple awards. :wink:

Seriously though, I would add the subsequent years earned to the Comments field on the award.


Good idea & thank you!

We used to track in Troop Web Host application last year. That allowed for up to 6 entries per scout for it.

Adam A

I earned 4 mile swims as a scout, but that was a few years back. I like the idea of tracking extras in the comments.

There are other awards that can be earned more than once such as the Cub Scout Nova awards (I presume the same for the Scouts BSA Novas). Also, the honor awards.

In fact, is there any requirement that any award can be earned only once?


As far as I know mile swim, snorkeling, etc … are intended to be “earned” repeatedly. I’ve missed the past two years of camp and have gotten a little rusty.

We have scouts earn MB’s multiple times. We only log their blue card once. (I think. There’s nothing really stopping a scout from submitting a second one for the same MB.) It certainly only counts once for rank advancement. But, if a scout wanted to have four Small Boat Sailing medallions on his sash, we wouldn’t stop him.

The SUAC has confirmed with national that the Mile Swim award may be earned more than once; however, all requirements must be completed each time a Scout goes for the award. The Scout cannot re-use the requirements completed previously.

Currently, Scoutbook can only record it once. It is on the backlog, but I do not know when the developers will be able to get to it.

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