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Multiple Patrol Designations, Symbolic

I am working towards creating at least a local partnership with Gillette Childrens’ Hospital. A grass roots feature of that idea would be to form a symbolic patrol with our scouts and patients at the hospital. Is it against uniform policy to have more than one patrol patch on the sleeve? I would think that we would only adopt one additional patch to show we are all united. Just asking this in terms of uniform code. Thanks,

I know of some troops that stack patrol patches on uniform to show all the patrols a scout has been in - I am not the Uni Police so I never investigated it

I’ve never seen it, but I’ve never investigated it as a “problem”. If you think someone is likely to complain, would using Velcro backing on the patrol patches and sewing the fuzzy side to the uniform be an acceptable option? That way, the scouts could swap patches for the events with the children’s hospital.

It’s not uniform according to the insignia guide. But, I like the principle.
It could be a device or a button that a scout could put beside/over his patrol emblem when he’s serving at the hospital. Get creative and show us the result!

Why not a custom 3” round with loop? It could be worn by all as a temporary patch. It can be put on plaques as gifts and given out.

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While this may not be in compliance with the insignia guide, if ever i’ve seen a time to say “to heck with policy,” this would be it. Anybody who questions the dual patches, once he/she has received an explanation, who does not cry has no heart.

I suspect the correct approach is to use a 3in dia. temporary patch worn where temporary patches are worn. Swapping patrol emblems might work. A special council patch might also be an option.

Excerpt from BSA Rules and Regulations

In the Guide to Awards and Insignia

Special Local Badges and Insignia
Local councils are authorized to adopt special badges and insignia as awards for particular purposes in harmony with national policies and to permit their use upon the official uniform in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, policies, and guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America.


Post updated: 2019-08-15

to answer your question yes it is “against policy”. HOWEVER you can make the additional patch a temporary patch and wear it on the non-rank pocket on the front of the shirt if you want to stay in “compliance” with what the uniform and insignia guide states.

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