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Multiple Positions

Can one person hold multiple positions within the same pack?

Officially, no, other than the COR.

Of course, that leaves tasks unfulfilled, and someone has to do them, whether it’s their official position or not.


Depends on what you mean by “position”… Only the COR can registered for multiple positions in one Unit (either as the COR/Committee Chair or as the COR/Committee Member).

But, most of the committee positions that we talk about aren’t really “positions” per se; they’re just jobs done by committee members. There’s no prohibition from having one person be the Pack Treasurer and the Committee Outdoor Activities Chair, for example, because “Pack Treasurer” and “Outdoor Activities Chair” are not registered positions but jobs done by a Committee Member.

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For example, one person registered with the following positions:

Pack Admin, Den Leader Lion Den 1, Executive Officer, Chartered Organization Rep., Committee Chairman

No, from your list, the registered positions are Den Leader, Chartered Org rep and Committee Chair. The Charter Org Rep can be registered as Committee Chair but this would reduce the Key 3 to Key 2.

The COR cannot be registered as a Den Leader. An individual cannot register as Committee Chair and Den Leader.


I am not sure what you are referring to as “Executive officer.” That isn’t a BSA position.

“Executive Officer” is another name for “Institution Head” (IH).

Executive Officer is the term used on the recharter documents.

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@kevinwindisch - the executive officer is that individual in charge of the charter partner. I do recall that is the term used in the recharter system. I will certainly verify later tonight.

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@BoyMom The Chartered Organization Representative (COR or CR) may serve in a multiple capacity within the same unit. The COR may also serve as the Committee Chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (Committee Member (MC), New Member Coordinator (NM), or Pack Trainer (PT)).

It used to be that the Executive Officer / Institution Head (IH) could also multiple within the same unit as a member of the committee. I am not sure if this is still the case.

Are you sure that this person is actually registered in these different positions? What do you see on the Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org?

Pack Admin is a functional role within Scoutbook - it is not a registered position.

The institution head isnt necessarily wven registered with bsa. Only the cor needs to register with bsa.

@kevinwindisch - just checked all of my units and the IH/XO does indeed and for the last 10 years I have done this does have a BSA ID so in some measure is known in the system. Not in same way as registered leaders but indeed known.

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I have always assumed that the IH/XO appears on the chartering paperwork.

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The Registration Guidebook of the BSA 100-092 July 2019 has the following definitions:
Executive officer The executive officer is the head of the community-based organization and is sometimes referred to as the institutional head.
Institutional head The institutional head is the head of the community-based organization and is sometimes referred to as the executive officer

On page 14 under Multiple Registrations is the following paragraph:
“There are no restrictions on the number of positions one person may hold as long as the individual serves in only one position per unit with the exception of the chartered organization representative (CR), who is the only individual that can be registered in more than one position within the same unit. The CR may also serve in a multiple capacity as the committee chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within that unit.” [Note from the Position Code List on page 36: MC-Committee Member, NM- New Member Coordinator, Pack Trainer]

The IH and COR can be the same person. That is often the case for my pack. We have never tried to make that person a third position, such as MC. Maybe I’ll try that next year for kicks.

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Example: Our chartered org is a church. The executive officer is the pastor of our church. The chartered org rep (COR) is a different person in our church.

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@jacobfetzer, my pack’s IH/XO is also the COR and also a committee member. He’s on the committee of the troop that shares our chartered organization as well.

Although we are chartered by a church, he’s the chair of the parish council, not the pastor.


In the BSA database the IH is normally the person signing “for the chartered organization” on the THE ANNUAL UNIT CHARTER AGREEMENT , 524-182, 2015, 2 pages.

Annual Meeting With Chartered Organization
The annual meeting between the executive officer of a chartered organization and the district professional, or in appropriate cases his or her designee, should be scheduled at least 90 days prior to the renewal date of the unit’s charter. If problems in renewing the unit’s charter are anticipated or there is significant corrective action needed, the discussion should be held early enough to allow time to take positive corrective action before the renewal deadline.

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