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Music Merit Badge

I’m a merit badge counselor for the Music badge. However, when I go to the boys’ advancement pages, Music does not show up. Can you help?

@TraceyHolloway - are you using start another merit badge ?

Merit Badges have to be started in the system. From your dashboard you can use either of the top 2 selections under My Merit Badge Counseling to mark off a req and start it for a scout. IF you are assigned as an MBC for that scout for that Merit Badge in Scoutbook.

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 9.48.25 AM

I am not assigned as an MBC for a scout. I went to the scout’s page, went to Advancements, clicked “Add Merit Badge” and then searched for Music, but it’s not showing up. I haven’t assigned myself to them yet as a counselor because I can’t find the Music merit badge to add it to their advancement list.

@TraceyHolloway - is it listed in the merit badges that show up prior to clicking the start another ?

If the Music Merit Badge does not appear under Add Merit Badge, it means the Scout has already started the badge.

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