Must use vpn to access scoutbook

Our Troops in Malaysia have to use a vpn set to tjr US to access Scoutbook and Without it we can’t login or see any page links sent to us. However most parents have no idea how to use a VPN so we are having fits getting our troop to use Scoutbook to update Advancements.

Someone mentioned that this might be a server setting by country at Scoutbook admin tech side because for example scouts in Thailand or Singapore don’t need to do that. Any ideas how we can get that looked at? It’s really hindering our Troop.

Fastest way would be for FEC to send a National Membercare Ticket in


@MarkVan_Cott - while a ticket to national is great… unfortunately if a country restricts its internet there is not much you can do. Malaysia does not have a good open internet record.

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