My access got removed now, account book can not find me to add back

I was a troop admin till about two weeks ago. Then my access was removed. Troop did not do it. When they try to add me back in scoutbook can not find me. I use the bsa number or account that it shows when I login and can see my sons information. I’m to be the advancement coordinator, but can not with our access. Options?

@ChristopherSaengvani - did you fill out an adult application ? You can post your BSA ID and the team can check.

@ChristopherSaengvani I DO NOT SEE THAT YOU WERE EVER A TROOP ADMIN - YOU WERE A PATROL ONE BUT THAT ENDED LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO - (oops all caps) - you have to be a registered leader to be a leader in SB - and I see no current registration for you

ok this is my BAS ID 12549433

So my access is gone because you don’t have an Adult application for Troop 322 for me? I’ll have to talk to the Troop leaders. I came over from Pack 49 and was just granted access by troop 322 to manage advancement. We have not done much with last year so never noticed the access loss.

to resolve i need a new application?

yes that is the first step - you need some kind of registered position in Scouting

Is there a on line version or the paper version? I see links on the my scouting, can I use that or is that just for a scout application

@ChristopherSaengvani - the on line application for adults is dependent upon the unit/council or jurisdiction that you are in. If there is no option for adult application at then paper app is it.

Your unit is usually the best point of contact to verify options, since some chartering organizations have additional requirements to become a registered leader (e.g. additional non-BSA training/background check)

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